Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Dead X-Men Walking

With today being Wednesday, and booster17 poking me with a stick, I got to wondering just who will survive today's issue of New X-Men, ostensibly the final issue of the series, although that is still a wee bit unclear.

Personally, I've been thinking it would be really great, if this IS the final issue, that the New X-Men team should prevail over Predator X, and escape completely unscathed, as a kind of coming of age/graduation type metaphor, after the past 18 months of piling up bodies like cordwood in the back yard. But knowing this title, that's not likely to happen.

So, with only a few hours to go, I ask you...the readers!

For the last option, consider X-23 as off the table, since we know she survives, and is off doing X-Force stuff anyways.

Poll #1122080 Ex-Men

How many New X-Men will die?

Zero. They all survive the final issue!
All of them. Everybody's dead, Dave.

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