Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey


So, I'm pondering BSG Razor, and a few thoughts entered my head. We're still waiting to watch BSG s2 with my parents, and three isn't even out yet, but I have Razor. First up is wondering if I should show them the movie after season 2, which I think will work, since the events in the movie occur mostly during season two, and things will be fresher in their head. But it is sorta meant to be shown after the third season. Knowing my mom though, she won't remember the Pegasus existed by the time we get around through seeing those episodes...

Next I had the thought of the infamous Quiznos commercial during Razor, and my mother almost always asks "Are they a couple?!" anytime someone obviously shows interest between them. Such as dating. Or kissing. Or sex. If she asks me that during Razor, considering how much of a big deal it ended up being in the commercial, it would amuse me greatly.

And thus I come to my friendslist to decide for me! And I was tempted to have a "After season tickybox!!" option, but then I wouldn't get an answer. =P

Poll #1119477 Battlestar Galactimom

When should I show my parents BSG: Razor?

After season 2
After season 3

Will my mother ask "Are they lesbians?" after the infamous 'Quiznos Moment' during Razor?

I don't think she'll even notice.

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