Esme Grey (foenix) wrote,
Esme Grey

Getting IRCed

Hey!  Fanficcers!  Comicbook fans!  It's well established I run a few IRC chatrooms.  Most know that simply because that's where about 90% of my friendslist met me, the rest are either newbies to my life, or it just never came up.  Anyways, the fact remains that I likes me some chat.

My point is, New Year's is coming up, and I'd like to have a get together of the old friends and the new, just to hang out with some folks again that I haven't seen in awhile, at least if anyone is going to be around.  I thought I'd post the idea early so folks can see if they have no life like me, and/or figure out IRC if they wanted to come hang.

We're on DALnet as always, and I don't really care if we crash in #SubCafe or #Comicbooks, but I would assume that the latter would be more acceptable since everyone here is a comic fan, for the most part.  Cafe'ers can be a bit persnickity about non-fanficcers visiting, but if the Cafe regulars want to go there, that's fine by me too. =)

So, anyone willing to have a little online New Years bash, swing by and say hi.  I'll be there most of the night, so start gathering whenever on Monday night.  Come, chat comics, just BS, or yell with me about what a clusterfuck One More Day is going to be. ;)

And anyone new needing IRC help, I'm right here, or on any number of messaging services.  And once you've had a taste, you can come around more often.  Mwahahaha.


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