Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey


Several months ago, the new Teen Titans team was announced, of Sean McKeever and Ale Garza.  Sean's a great writer, so that was all good, but Garza's style isn't one I particularly cared for, but it was servicable, at least, so no huge complaints.  Although I found myself wishing for someone better.

The guy did a couple issues, then the fill ins started.  Jamal Igle was a vast improvement, and Eddy Barrows was a surprise fill in after that as well, and he's done some more issues with another to come, and I've been saying to friends that it would be great of an artist of such quality as Eddy can put out was the regular artist, and not Garza, even saying he's done more issues now than the announced regular artist!

Well, ask and ye shall receive, since Barrows just got announced as the new regular artist for Teen Titans.  This is, as you can probably tell, good news for me, and I am quite amused that I got what I wanted.  Merry Christmas to me. =)

I've had a few issues with the Titans of Tomorrow, Today! arc, but they're minor, and the story has been good fun for the most part, but I'm eager to see what comes once it is wrapped up and McKeever can get into the plots he really wants to write, and we've moved past the stuff he had to write.


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