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Diablo II Musings

This is directed at Subrealizens.

The Diablo II expansion comes out next week (C'mon, Foe, mention it ONE more time!), and my brain is pondering, at some point after it's release, a Subreality Diablo II game on the Realm servers.

My reasons for prefering Realm, is that it's not (as easilly) hackable. I can get you any item in non Realm games, so...what's the point? Want a Stone of Jordan, BAM, it's yours. Sure, just say "Don't do it", but it's the potential... I'm strange like this.

I'm thinking one player for each character class, so seven people. And I'm claiming an assassin, so she's MINE, dangit! ;)

So, any interested parties? If so, reply, and share any character preferences, so I can figure stuff out ;)


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