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Photoblog: Redhead Rampage!

So, in addition to my cosmic Rachel variant arriving, my LONG awaited statue of John and Elaine, I mean the Goblin Queen.

AWESOME day for packages.

Merry Christmas to Pagan Jesus!

I gotta say, the Hasbro Legends lines have gotten increasingly better.  The first line was really shaky, IMO.  The second was better, but this Rachel is really well done.  Less articulation than the original ML lines, but the face is dead on to the comics, and the sculpt is great.  I am very very pleased at my long-awaited Rachel action figure.

I'm also quite happy with the Goblin Queen.  I've had my brain screaming about the cost for months now, but really wanted it, since it was very unique, and looked cool.  When the box showed up, I was pleasantly surprised.  It was huge, and the statue was much larger than I had expected.  You hear "eight inches" but that just doesn't do it justice in your head, until you see it standing there next to you, with all that cape out there, and the detail.  I am glad I own this.  #432 out of 600. =)

Oh yeah, links.

Here is the link to my Goblin Queen gallery.

And here is Rachel Grey's gallery, which will be updated with more pictures once my original version gets here.  I'm amused that I have the Jean Grey repaint/new head sculpt variant, and the rare cosmic variant before the regular version arrives.

Enjoy the photos!


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