Esme Grey (foenix) wrote,
Esme Grey

Adult Content

I have decided I will NOT be marking this journal as having adult content.  Such a phrase is often ill defined, and subject to whomever is viewing it, and too often used as a club to beat down people it probably shouldn't.

Yes, this journal does occasionally let loose with a fuck, or a shit, or the serious topic that ain't for the kids.  However, I do not see that as necessary to shove EVERY entry behind a forced cut that I don't control.  I'd be more than willing to mark the occasional post as not kid friendly, but all or nothing doesn't thrill me.

My friends should be able to surf their friends page and not have to age verify every time they want to read an entry of what crap I'm reading, or writing.  Or give up their personal information if they don't want to.  Also, I have a number of people who don't have LJs, or no longer use theirs and have long forgotten any login information, and they should also be able to read this journal, since I clearly don't friendslock it, and consider it mostly safe for the public, with the occasional PG-13 occurance.  And the very rare worse stuff when I'm pissed off. ;)

This journal is public because I'm a public person.  This space is free for ANYONE to come and see what I'm yammering about (Why they would want to is another question...), with the understanding that I am a 30 year old mature adult (STOP LAUGHING!), and will not always speak in baby talk and about happy shiny good things all the time.

If LJ takes issue with it, I'll burn that bridge when I come to it, if I have to.  However, since I'm generally porn free, I doubt I'm on their radar. =P


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