Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Journey's End?


I love me some Journeyman.  The show started off slow, but has gotten better with each episode, and the mystery of just what's going on has gotten better, while slowly giving us hints and answers along the way.

NBC has decided that we're good for the first 11 episodes, and will get to see those.  Now, here's the rub.  Episode 11?  Part one of a two parter.  And there is a completed episode 12.  Which will give answers, lots of 'em so they say. If the show was canned, it would even serve as a series finale, if need be.  The show isn't cancelled, yet, though.  The thing is, NBC is saying they just don't have the room to air that last episode, so gosh darn it, you just won't get to see what could be the conclusion of a cliffhanger, and the resolution of the series to date!  That?  That's a pretty dickish move.

S'not like they'll have plenty of stuff to air, soon enough.


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