Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

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Turkey Jerky

Well, I am off to celebrate Thanksgiving with my second favourite band of psychotics (My friendslist being the first!).  Plans are to be back late tonight, so if anyone's looking for me, good luck with that!  I'll get your messages when I return.

Oooh yes, had a new userpic for awhile, and there she be!  We have snow.

This is easily one of my favourite holidays, because as much as I mock them, and want to launch various members into the sun, I do love my family.

I'm thankful for them, and again the friendslist, and the new friends I've made recently, mostly thanks to this past DragonCon. Oooh, thankful for finally having a comic store again. And less than 30 books from the Big Two in February!

Have a happy Slapsgiving, everyone. =)


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