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Unconventional Pollfare: Chapter Five, Part One

Well, the end is almost here, and I've got some ponderings on my mind, as 50k approaches fast.  And since there are some poor souls ACTUALLY reading my drek, I ask their opinion.

Poll #1093072 Unconventional Endings

So, for those reading my story...

It's time to end it!  50k is around the corner, wrap it up!
I want more wacky fun, drag it out for a little longer!
Pffft, you're going to write your 50,001st word and stop there, and we all know it.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
47,117 / 50,000

Chapter Five - Chris' Story

Earlier that day...

        When Chris and I seperated after breakfast, and I headed off to go hunting zombies (Only to wind up with them hunting me instead), he had not entirely told the truth about his destination.
        Instead of going to the dealer room to try and find comics, he waited in the lower Herriott lobby for about 15 minutes, wandering the tables and just checking out the various people and celebrities who had set up in that area to promote their own works, as well as admiring the costumers who had beat him to getting dressed up before lunch.
        Once he was pretty sure I was long gone, Chris went back up the elevators to our room, and pulled out the large duffle bag and emptied the contents onto the bed.
        He laid out the Batgirl outfit like a body laying on top of the covers that had already been straightened out by housekeeping in the short time since he had left the room.  The cowl and wig got placed on by the pillows, and beneath that he laid down the black body suit and unzipped the back of it as he set it out.  The belt he put over that, and placed the gloves and cape on the other side of the bed, leaving the long black and yellow cape folded up underneath the gloves.  Finally, he placed the boots down on the ground, and unzipped the sides of them.
        With his outer costume laid out, he set out the rest of it that would help him with the form underneath the black material.    Chris had gotten ahold of some pieces of padding from a costume shop, as well as a corset, and laid them out.  He also pulled out a makeup kit and brought that to the bathroom.  Once he was in there, he stripped and took another quick shower and shaved everything that needed shaving, and returned to his piles on the bed.
        He pulled on the corset, and cursed to himself for deciding to do this part alone, having decided to keep the costume a secret from me the entire time.  Chris hoped it would be worth all this trouble.
        The padding got slipped around his body and held in place by the rest of his clothes, forming a set of breasts that would pass muster covered up completely as they were, and the rest of the curves they created would fool most anyone into seeing a woman, albeit a tall one.
        Now that he had the foundation built, Chris picked up the bodysuit and slid it up his legs, and the padded hips and rear.  With his arms slipped into the snug sleeves, he reached behind him and pulled up the zipper, sealing himself inside.
        Chris went into the bathroom and looked at the full mirror on the back of the door, turning from side to side, and finding that the padding did the trick.  From the neck down, most people would be fooled by a quick glance, maybe even more.
        He hoped it would be for more than quick glances.  Chris had gone to great lengths to work out everything with his costume, having long decided to do a Batgirl costume this year.  He wanted to get in on the costuming fun, and if he was going to be someone else, he thought it would be fun to be someone so completely different from himself.
        After giving the padding a little bit of adjustment to position it better underneath his outfit, Chris turned to the mirror over the sink, and opened up the makeup kit.  A friend had helped him out with some theatre makeup, and showed him what to do.  It had taken some practice, but he'd gotten the hang of it over the winter with nothing better to do but try and stay warm.
        Chris started his makeup with some foundation that gave him a lighter complexion, and hid any blemishes, as well as any stray hairs he missed while shaving, he hoped.  He added some eyeshadow around his eyes, along with some fake lashes.  Chris considered his eyebrows for a moment, but was sure the cowl would cover them up.  He added just a hint of blush to make his cheeks look fuller, and finished up with a red lipstick.
        He hurried back to the bed and grabbed the wig, settling it over his own red hair.  He straightened it out and set the long tresses down over his shoulders, and returned to the mirror.  The reflection looking back was very much not Chris.  He could see himself underneath it all, but he knew what to look for.  Someone else would just see a leggy redhead.
        Approving of his results, he went back out of the bathroom, and slid his feet into the boots and zipped them up.  He wobbled for a second as he stood up, but he'd been practising walking in those as well for the last few months, and while his first steps each time were slow and uncertain, he soon found his rythym and looked fairly natural in his stride.
        He picked the cowl up, and held it in his hand, draping the mask over it, and looking through the empty eye sockets and at his palm inside.  He poked the palm of his other hand with the bat ears which were the only solid piece of the cowl, and then turned it around and took it in his hands, pulling it down over the wig, and his head.  He could feel the snugness of the cowl clamping the wig down even more on his head, squeezing it down.  He made sure the hair sticking out underneath it still sat well on his shoulders, and there weren't any loose strands through the eyeholes or anywhere else.  Chris tucked the edges of the cowl down around his neck, hiding the seam between the two, and grabbed the cape.
        Swinging it through the air behind him, he made sure the yellow side was against his back, and clasped the cape around his neck, again fixing his hair, already starting to hate how much trouble long hair was.
        With almost everything on, he picked up the utility belt, which only held his ID, wallet, and room key at that time, clipped his badge to it, and then buckled it around his unusually for him smaller waist, hiding the buckle behind a bat logo.  He'd sized everything up perfectly, and hadn't gained any weight, so it all still came together just as well as he'd originally planned.
        Finally, he picked up his gloves, and pulled them down over his hands and completed the costume.  He couldn't resist and took one last look at the full length reflection, and was amazed at the results.  It wouldn't fool anyone for long, but it was leaps and bounds above most other guys he'd seen trying something similiar, of course many of them weren't really trying to look good.
        Chris looked at the pretty woman reflected back at him, and smiled with his red lips.  Knowing my proclivity for redheads, he couldn't wait to see my reaction to the costumed Batgirl showing up later, not knowing just how convincing the costume would become by the time he found me.  He wondered how long he could fool me with it, and if I'd recognise him at all before he told me the truth.
        With his costume finally complete, and very pleased with himself at the results, Chris cleaned up the makeup kit, and put his old clothes and everything else away in the duffle bag, then tossed it back into the corner it had come from, before leaving the room.
        He paused with his hand on the door's handle, feeling it through the glove, and took a deep breath, what he was about to do sinking in.  He pushed the thoughts of him going out dressed in costume out of his mind, and felt confident enough in his ability to pull the door open and walk through it.
        The door slammed shut behind him, and he was immediately comfronted with someone as he nearly bumped into a man about his height, at least now with the heels on they were of the same height.  Chris bumped right into him, and the guy stopped Chris from falling backwards at the unexpected jostling.
        "Hey, great costume, Batgirl!  Enjoy the con," was all he said, as he let go of the person he assumed was a girl, and headed down to his room.
        With the early compliment out of the way, Chris' confidence was boosted, and he made his way for the elevators and went all the way back to the lower lobby he had left earlier, and was soon immeresed amongst the other people in their costumes.
        It wasn't long before he was asked to have his picture taken, and Chris was quick to get into the spirit of it, posing for the photos, and with people.  He even posed for a few with the Joker he would later encounter after the event, making scared faces as the other person waved his gun which it was clear to see as a toy back then.
        After spending all that time getting used to the costume, the crowds, and the attention, he asked the next person to take his picture what the time was, and knew the zombies would be meeting soon.
        He hurried up to the main lobby level and out into the street, pausing frequently for more photos, and compliments.  Eventually he made it through the people and over to the Hyatt, and had escaped photography requests while crossing the street at least.  Several people seemed interested in getting 'her' to pose on the steps leading up, despite it blocking traffic.  Chris was more than willing to oblige, the attention keeping his mind off him deceiving the masses, and just enjoyed the experience like anyone else in costume.  His was just more elaborate.
        He continued working his way through the crowds, all the while hoping he didn't miss me, or the Marvel Zombies.  It would have been a shame to go through all this trouble just to mess with my head, and then not even find me until much later, possibly even back at our room.
        Arriving atop the escalators to the Hyatt's main lobby, Chris began looking for me, and for zombified Marvel superheroes, knowing that where one stood, the other could not be too far behind.
        His quest was cut short, again, as another interruption intervened, although something different from the requests for photos he'd been deluged with so far.
        A firm hand gripped his rear, or more appropriately, the padding that gave him the appearance of a more womanly posterior.  If he hadn't felt the padding moving underneath, he might not have even noticed, and that would have raised even more alarms with whomever had thought it was a good idea to go around squeezing random women's asses.
        "Hey, sexy, what say you swing on your batline up to my hotel room," the stranger said to Chris from behind.

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