Esme Grey (foenix) wrote,
Esme Grey

Paying the Bills Theatre: Wraiths of Roanoke

"Paying the Bills Theatre" is my new name for anything that's a Scifi original. Because that's the only explanation for why some peoiple are in these horrible, horrible films. As long as they keep sucking, hopefully not as bad as Highlander the Farce, I may continue doing little commentary.

Hey, this doesn't suck completely! (Time check: 30 minutes in)

I've always loved the mystery of what happened to the people of Roanoke, and movies giving their take on what occurred there are not exactly few. It's certainly a fertile ground to explore ideas of just what happened.

"Based on actual events" on anything on Scifi Channel amuses the hell out of me. Sadly, this is true in this case. They're using many of the real people of the Roanoke colony, and fabricating their story around it, which is fair enough. But it still kills me to see it.

Dear Adrian Paul, please stop marrying women with prophetic visions, it does not end go for you.

Side note: I see Atlantis is fighting the despair squid next week...

And it looks like the Roanoke settlers were wiped out by creatures summoned forth from the Necronomicon. Trees grabbing people and ripping them apart, strangling them, and look at that camera work! Zipping through trees, shaky, sped up...

But hey, if you're gonna steal, not a bad source to go to. The classics still work.

I am loving the creeping discomfort amongst the people, particularly the prophetic dreaming wife, that things are just going to go horribly wrong. It's a good theme to play with here, new frontier, no real technology, still superstitious...that creeping unease is always good to throw into a ticking time bomb of a film. It's been done better, but this movie is getting by well enough.

"Wraiths" being of Norse origins (Stargate and Asgard jokes abound at this moment...) may be questionable, but it's just a movie.

As for the wriths, the effects are good, the makeup is decent, but it's highly derivative of the green spooky foginess of Peter Jackson's ghosts in Return of the King.

"It's old Norse!" is said way too many times in this movie. ;)

WOO! Awesome disembowling!

All in all, an ok Scifi outing. Nothing special about it, but not too plot holish. Watchable.

Three out of five giant mummified angels.


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