Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Signs of Life.

#Comicbooks, my home, my baby, has some life left in the ol' girl yet.

There's a few folks who come by regularly during the week, and people gather on Thursdays more often than not, and last night...SEVEN whole people at one time! All talking! This pleases me, as seeing that room so empty saddens me, since #comics is one of the big reasons I'm online, and I love chatting, don't get enough of it. I know there's plenty of people out there who want to talk comics. The trouble is trying to get people all in at once. The place has a number of regulars, and people that flit through, but they're never there at the same time! =) Then there's the issues of finding a good time. Thursdays at 9 seems to be doing ok so far.

Now, those of you former fanficcers, or even current, don't forget about my redheaded stepchild, #Subcafe. We ostensibly gather there on Saturdays around 9ish, unless people have better suggestions.


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