Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Full Moon

(As an aside, I miss Full Moon Productions...)

So, I survived a second episode of Moonlight, and hey! That didn't completely suck!

But being written by David Greenwalt, I wouldn't expect it to be eye gougingly painful. Sadly, since he has since left the show...

I really hate that we're dealing with human bad guys, and at least next week has a vampire, but I get the sense that's gonna be it. Humans and vampires. Sigh.

It was almost like I was watching a whole other show than the one I watched last week. And with how many restarts, recastings, and reshoots the pilot has had, it kinda was. Still, it's just kinda there, and not so much a good show, as one going through the motions. And I think we've already contradicted the mythology, however I may be wrong.


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