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Let's see...

What follows is a collection of random thoughts and impressions of the con. What I loved, what I enjoyed, and what sucked.

Engage awesome to full speed!

The good:

As opposed to the 'doog' which is what I first typed. Hooboy.

1. Seeing all my old compadres again, even if it was mostly the sort of "Hi, I'm running over here!" sort of meetings. It was great seeing y'all again.

2. Seeing all the new people, including roguesamus (She counts! My previous encounter was a brief "Can I take a pic" encounter in an elevator in Chicago! I shoulda been less fast to zoom and find friends, and hung out for longer. I now make up for lost time.) and Ruby Rocket, who's damned cool (And so is Meg. She rocks.) and was nice enough to chat with me when she had a sore throat and probably had more interesting things to do. And I'm not just saying that because she might read this. ;) But flattery will get me everywhere.

3. All the OTHER people who put up with the presence of Photography Lad. All of Meghan's friends, and Ruby's few that I interupted conversations to interject someting where I could...all awesome folks for abiding the new guy amongst the fold.

4. Meeting Marvel Zombies cover artist Arthur Suydam and getting a Jean sketch, and meeting Adam Hughes.

5. The bestest roomies ever, Scott and Heather.

6. A year's worth of experience with my camera. It made a HUGE difference, and there's very few blurry shots of brightly blown out and overexposed people on stage surrounded by darkness like there was last year. Now, there's nicely VISIBLE people surrounded by darkness! Hey, I can only zoom in so much!

The bad:
1. The crowds. Everyone who was there knows what I mean, and is probably sick of thinking about them, and reading about them, so moving on.

2. Not seeing anyone for as long as I wanted to. Next year? Dinner with Foe. We'll invade some local diner and traumatize them. If they weren't already used to invading geek armies. ;) Also, not seeing some folks at all. coffeebadass, kkglinka, and reddirtcowboy in particular. Mostly my bad, and the general convention chaos.

3. My inability to find the Dunkin' Donuts.

4. Forgetting my manners. My social skills are totally nonexistant. When I interupt people to speak with the redhead, I should apologise for my rudeness. And also, I should have *introduced myself* more to the folks in costume I was hanging around with, and get to know THEM as well, and not just pester one or two people I was a little comfortable with. Fortunately, I know who some of them are elsewhere (Mister Sinister and Rogue, particular) and things will be better next year.

5. The end. I hated leaving this year, and I really don't know why. Even with the insane crowds and other bad stuff. I had a blast this year, and would love to hang out with you folks so much more. I hate not having people around me. XP

6. Why do I keep meeting attractive women who enjoy dressing up as my favourite comic characters and they're already spoken for?? THIS IS NOT FAIR! ;)

The ugly:
This guy!

Can't wait for next year. =)


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