Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Meme and My Shadow

* 1. Take three photos of your desk area as it is, do not stop to tidy up. Inclusion of you at desk in the picture is optional.

* 2. Upload the photos onto imageshack, photobucket, flickr, imagehoop or a similar site and post them and this text to your journal, with an explanation for anything significantly MISSING, if anything.

For YOU(the commenter/friend):

* 1. Ask a question about what's in any of the pictures and the poster has to answer it, within reason.

* 2. Do this meme yourself!

Warning, I took big pics.

The big picture, with both computers, and all the surroundings.

A closeup of the "Jean Grey" shelf.

Closeup of the right side of the desk.

About the only thing missing would be the stuff on the VERY top of the desk. Giant Mountain Dew container, two Phoenixes from HeroClix, a Shannon figure from Lost, and assorted other odds and ends, but nothing major. If you REALLY wanna see a pic of the dust bunny factory up there...


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