Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Three Good Things

1. Sleep. Sleep is very good. Especially after being up for so long the day before. I woke up after only about two, three hours, and felt TOTALLY rested. Read a bit, slept more. Ahhhh.

2. Got a letter from the people who handled the insurance details on a loan I took out awhile ago, and have since paid off. They made a miscalculation in the amount that should have been paid, and I'm getting some money back. Very little some, but hey, I won't turn my nose up at a few bucks.

3. FINALLY got on the scale and have gotten my flabby butt down to my basic goal weight of less than 200. *dances*

Granted, that goal was set as a "Before I go to Dragon*Con, I shall be..." sort of thing. And I said it before LAST year's DragonCon. I never specified a year... Hey, I got there eventually, that's what counts. Way too easily distracted, lost track of proper excercising... Funny how I'm actually doing more excercise in the middle of summer, than I have for the rest of the year, when my brain tries to avoid exertion, what with the heat and the boiling and the sweat and glavin!


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