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A story.

Over in Claremont (I keep expecting the people to describe every action they take, but it never happens), I was thirsty, so went to the Pepsi machine to buy a Dew.

The machine wouldn't take my dollar. This wasn't a normal case of Whirrrwhirrrr, your dollar is shit, please try again. It wouldn't even grab the dollar so it could check it out and tell me it's shit, I figure some kind of busted mechanism.

So, I go to the Coke machine next to it, to get a Sprite (Yes, from Dew to Sprite. I am Dichotomy Incarnate). Hit the Sprite button, and it must've been sold out, as it spit back four quarters, and no soda.

Cool! So, I went BACK to the other machine, and got my Dew anyways. Faith manages =)


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