Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Public Displays of Rejection

So, after a hellacious day of trying to sleep while plumbers of various sorts arrive to try and make it so we have cold water in the shower, clean water coming from faucets, and the sudden lack of ANY water we had just before they arrived...after all that, we decided to just go out to dinner.

Sitting in Friendly's, waiting for food, place is pretty crowded, and I'm reading comics, trying to put a dent in the large stack of this week's books with the leftovers from last week, which actually was two week's worth, particularly, I'm reading Spike: Shadow Puppes, and enjoying Spike being beaten up but little muppety ninjas.

I finish up, set the comic down, look at the back cover...

And it's an ad for a new book from, I presume, IDW, called Dominatrix. And the image is a leather clad redhead with a whip.

I shuffle the comic to the bottom of the handful I have with me, just thinking about showing that to all the people around while reading and mentally dopeslapping my forehead.


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