Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey


Oh, this is a fun weekend...

It all started two weeks ago, when we ended up with some board over the hole where our front door used to be. It was supposed to be a simple replacement of old door for new door. However, when my brother removed the door, he discovered that the floor had rotted somewhat because of the hack job previous fuckwits had done when constructing various pieces of what make up the room as it now stands. Then he discovered that the bottom of the entire wall was rotted out, and it went from "simple door swap" to "replacing the entire wall". With the doors already removed, and some of the wall torn up, the hole was boarded up for the last two weeks, since we kinda have critters that might want to pay us visits...

That led to scrapping the doors we had gotten to put in, and deciding to get a sliding patio door.

So today began the second stage of the project. Removing the wall, rebuilding the wall, and installing the new door.

Well, the door will be tomorrow...

Here's our living room with our new wall-sized door! ;) Or as my friend said, giving it the cat macro treatment, "Invisible Wall!"

So yes, sleep was fleeting today...


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