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Oh Yeah!

How could I forget...

My relatives called yesterday, at 3. I heard the phone ringing, and knew it was them calling to say they were on their way.

"We're about an hour away!" Hey, here's an idea? Why not call BEFORE YOU LEAVE? Since we're, y'know, going out, because we made plans, since no one was coming up this weekend.

So, we do our stuff in Rutland, have dinner... Get back, and they're not here (Rejoice), and they left a message saying they decided to stay at a hotel.

So, my recording wasn't interupted, or I had to plan around them trying to sleep, which is good...

Anyways, wake up today to find out they checked out of the hotel at 11, and left. This begs the question... What was the point of coming up, getting here around...4, 4:30, and leaving about 18 hours later, a large chunk of which, you slept during?

They were coming up, to do some stuff with the house, but I guess they changed their minds. Or we annoyed them. Or something came up back home.

Just something interesting (And moderatly stupid) thing to write down for posterity...


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