Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Harping On

So, I watched this week's Scifi Channel schlockfest, Stan Lee's Harpies.

I rather liked it.


Super macho guy with shotgun who says ironic lines and/or catchphrases, with a shotgun? Check.

Time travels to the middle ages? Check.

Group of monsters standing between him and returning home? Check.

Quest to retrieve things so he can get home? Check.

Goofy things happening just for laughs? Check.

Giving advanced technology so the peasants can fight the monsters? Check.

Dipsmooching the heroine? Check.

Eventually travels home and still has to fight one last monster? Check.

If only I could say "Bruce Campbell? Check." because...well, c'mon. Stephen Baldwin. And what's worse, he was the best actor in this piece. They had zero effects budget. The harpies were almost never seen on screen with anyone else, people were swinging swords off camera, and then reaction shots of the them... Quite laughable.


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