Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

I've Got the Touch!

I've got the power!!

Back on, that is.

Got a note from the power company, saying they'd be shutting the power off the power for two hours at 12:30 on Saturday, to do some maintenance. My parents assumed that was afternoon.

My brother, his girlfriend, and two of their kids came up, so everyone was up bullshitting 'til oh, 12:20 ;)

People start clamoring for bed, and BAM power's gone.

I'm still typing away on the computer (After a jump from my speakers going out) thanks to the UPS at my feet.

I'm mumbling to myself, hoping this won't take long, since there's this, and then shutting off the power again later today. Aaaand that's when it hit me.

I easily maneuver down the hallway and ask if anyone noted if it said AM or PM, or if they just ASSUMED it was in the afternoon. Since I realise shutting the power off in the middle of the night makes much more sense.

Sure enough...

Unfortunately, two hours was a low estimate, and when I finally got hungry enough, I made a salad, lit some candles, and sat on the kitchen floor to eat around 4am, and then the power came on. I remained there to finish my meal, shutting off whatever lights popped on.


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