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Why is it everyone assumes I hate comics?

With all the comics I buy, that would be a shit-ton of money to waste on things I hate.

But every IM or msged conversation these days almost always starts with, "What's Marvel/DC doing now to make you hate them?" Or last night, "Man, you sure must hate all these shitty comic movies pissing you off!"

I can only imagine the looks on their faces when I message back, "Actually, I quite enjoyed FF2, Spidey 3, and Ghost Rider. Surprise! They didn't suck!"

Of course, I guess it's just not as fun to IM me and say "Man, how awesome was Annihilation??" Not to mention no one comes around #Comicbooks or #SubCafe anymore. =P That does make it hard to get new and varied conversation these days.

Frankly, when people can't stand something as much as some of these people IMing me these days, they should put the comics down, and go read something they like. I'll be happier, and so will they. When you are no longer getting enjoyment out of a hobby, it's time to take a deep breath and walk away for a bit.

And no, this applies to NO ONE on my friends list at the moment. Y'all are the ones who when they do send me a message actually tend to be excited about something.

Sure, we all have our peeves, and titles we don't like, are having a rough month, or outright hate, but it seems like I keep drawing people that read everything, and hate all of it. Why, gods, why? Marvel and DC have made some missteps lately, to put it mildly, but for every Civil War, there's a She-Hulk, a World War Hulk, an X-Factor, a Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man, a Thunderbolts (Your mileage may vary on that one, feel free to think Nicieza TBolts. I know I do. ;)), a Cable/Deadpool, and the list goes on of actual QUALITY books that Marvel and DC put out each and every month.

I'm certainly not saying that criticism is bad. Considering my monthly commitment to the Collector Times, that would be a bit hypocritial. I just don't get these people who have nothing better to do than spend money to be pissed off.

Just a reminder to find the joy in your hobby, or else it becomes a chore.


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