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A Comics Scanner Darkly

A little pimping, and a little sharing of the funny.

So, the big news is that Marvel is doing a huge paranoia Skrull infiltration invasion of Earth storyline, gearing up for next year's shameless grab for cash.

Well, I remembered where Bendis swiped the idea from, and it dates back to a fifteen year old issue of What The--?!, of all places. I decided this needed to be shared with the masses.

I've posted the pages over at Comic Scans.

And for those here who don't read C_S regularly, and love comics, but aren't so much wanting the slashy overtones, go sign up! The group could use more people posting, more people reading. Every Wednesday is "One Panel Wednesday" where people are encouraged to post any random one panel, without context, just for fun. It's a great new community, and needs eyeballs and posters!

*looks at the userinfo* Ok, so maybe not so much with the needing of people, there's quite a few, but more posting would still be nice. ;)


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