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Seven things I am afraid of:
1. Death being the end.
2. Shadows
3. Sarah Whitehair
4. Accomplishing nothing.
5. Running into something unpleasent on my walks.
6. Sunlight
7. Adam Sandler.

Seven things I love:
1. Nature
2. My friends.
3. Caffeine
4. My parents
5. My cats
6. Fire.
7. Rain

Seven things that I don't understand
1. The popularity of Rob Liefeld.
2. How people can judge something without having seen it. Usually a comicbook in this example...
3. Why people can't let others live their own lives, as long as they bring no harm to others.
4. Why can't we require people to take classes before they come online?
5. The popularity of the Matrix.
6. Why people masquerade as the opposite sex, nevermind.
7. Why do I understand so much that this part of the survey was a pain?

Seven things on my desk:
1. Comics
2. A lamp.
3. My class ring.
4. An AOL cd acting as a coaster.
5. A Garfield mouspad.
6. My action figures
7. Notes for my books.

Seven facts about myself:
1. I am a guy, really.
2. I was born legally blind, and with a hare lip/cleft pallete.
3. My mother died in childbirth, and my father gave me over to the care of my aunt and uncle, who informed me of this less than a month before my 18th birthday.
4. I believe that there are things in this world that have yet to be explained by science, and I make it my hobby to discover them.
5. I am a pagan, following a mixture of druid, wiccan, and shamanistic beliefs, along with my own beliefs on reality behind those.
6. I am incredibly patient.
7. And manipulative. In a good way.

Seven things I'd like to do before I die:
1. Publish one book, and sell one copy. At least.
2. Make a difference.
3. Get a date.
4. Actually post rules/fix/solve/whatever #Subcafe.
5. Aquire all the Legion of Superheroes comics, all the way back to Adventure Comics 247.
6. Return to Emma, Missouri and burn the place to the ground.
7. Someday, post my Rachel/Askani fic somewhere.

Yay! I finally finished! You may have learned something, but won't be able to make sense of it.


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