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This survey looks kinda fun.

Q. What is your salad dressing of choice?
A. Thousand Islands.

Q. What is your favorite fast food restaurant?
A. Wendy's, but only because I don't have a Sonic.

Q. What is your favorite sit-down restaurant?
A. Applebee's, but I love any place where I can get a good slice of meat, or a good sandwich.

Q. On average, what size tip do you leave at a restaurant?
A. I generally go for the expected 15%...that is still the standard, isn't it? I often do more though, depending on what sort of change is in my pocket.

Q. What food could you eat every day for two weeks and not get sick off of?
A. Cheeeese.

Q. What are your pizza toppings of choice?
A. Pepperoni, sausage, I love anything that could be described as "meat lovers"

Q. What do you like to put on your toast?
A. I actually like my toast plain, or with just a little butter.

Q. What is your favorite type of gum?
A. Wow, I never realised it's been ages since I even HAD gum. No clue.


Q. Number of contacts in your cell phone?
A. FOOL! I have no cell phone!

Q. Number of contacts in your email address book?
A. I have no address book, either. I don't e-mail often. I either use instant messangers, or IRC to talk to people. I'm sure I *have* an address book, but it's whatever GMail added automatically.

Q. What is your wallpaper on your computer?
A. Mystic Arcana: Scarlet Witch's cover, from Marvel's website, edited to fit my widescreen monitor.

Q. How many televisions are in your house?
A. 2


Q. Are you right-handed or left-handed?
A. Right.

Q. What’s your best feature?
A. My smirk? I dunno.

Q. Have you ever had anything removed from your body?
A. Teeth?

Q. Which of your five senses do you think is keenest?
A. Hearing.

Q. When was the last time you had a cavity?
A. About a year ago?

Q. What is the heaviest item you lifted last?
A. A box filled with Wizard magazines, from 28-100. Plus the first 30 ToyFares. Plus the entire run of the short lived Sci-Fi Invasion magazine. The box shredded itself suicidally as I was carrying it to the house this morning.

Q. Have you ever been knocked unconscious?
A. No, but I've fallen unconcious in a non-sleeping manner.


Q. If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die?
A. Absolutely.

Q. Is love for real?
A. Yes.

Q. If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
A. I've actually considered this, since my last name is from hell. But I keep coming back to "Jason Grey" which I use a lot online...but I'm pretty sure all my friends would kick my ass if I did that.

Q. What color do you think looks best on you?
A. Black.

Q. Have you ever swallowed a non-food item by mistake?
A. Not to the best of my recollection.

Q. Have you ever saved someone’s life?
A. Yes.

Q. Has someone ever saved yours?
A. Probably.


Q. Would you walk naked for a half mile down a public street for $10
A. Hell no.

Q. Would you kiss a member of the same sex for $100?
A. A distinct maybe. 500, and we'll talk.

Q. Would you allow one of your little fingers to be cut off for $200,000
A. I'm gonna go with no.

Q. Would you never blog again for $50,000?
A. I would *seriously* consider it.

Q. Would you pose naked in a magazine for $250,000?
A. Yes. Would someone pay me? Hell no. ;)

Q. Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1000?
A. If it's not being chugged down, sure.

Q. Would you, without fear of punishment, take a human life for $1,000,000?
A. Without fear of punishment? Absolutely. Watch the people run from my friendslist. =)

Q. Would you give up watching television for a year for $25,000?
A. Yes. I can buy the DVDs of what I missed with the money. And/or watch shows online. ;)


Q: What is in your left pocket?
A: Lint! But let's look in my trenchcoat...Swiss army knife, sunglasses which I've not worn for years, and the mailbox key.

Q: Is Napoleon Dynamite actually a good movie?
A: I've never seen it, and am not inclined to do so, but I probably will at some point.

Q: Do you have hardwood or carpet in your house?
A: Carpeting.

Q: Do you sit or stand in the shower?
A: Stand. You sit in the bath!

Q: How many pairs of flip flops do you own?
A: One? I've not worn them in years.

Q: Where were you born?
A: In a hospital.

Q: Last time you had a run-in with the cops?
A: Not sure exactly, but John was driving. ;)

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?
A: An X-Man.

Q: Who is number 1 on your top 8?
A: I don't rank my friends.


Q: Friend you talked to?
A: TALKED as in, words and open mouths? Good gods, I hope it wasn't people at DragonCon last year... If just conversed with, even online, then cyclopsscott.

Q: Last person you called?
A: FedEx. =P

Q: Person you hugged?
A: Reply hazy.


Q: Number?
A: 13

Q: Color?
A: Red

Q: Season?
A: Autumn


Q: Missing someone?
A: Lots of someones.

Q: Mood?
A: Happyish. Neutral. Can't complain.

Q: Listening to?
A: Dschnigis Khan, Moskau

Q: Watching?
A. Nothing, but I just watched Daily Show, and will watch BSG season two shortly.

Q: Worrying about?
A: Hmm, nothing comes to mind. All my ducks are in a row at the moment.


Q: First place you went this morning?
A: This morning? Rutland, to get DVDs. ;) If you mean "when you woke up" then the computer.

Q: What can you not wait to do?
A: Go to DragonCon!

Q: What’s the last movie you saw?
A: Pirates 3 in the theatres, and around the house, I think it was Re-Animator, or some bad movie on Scifi.

Q: Do you smile often?
A: More than I bet people think.

Q: Are you a friendly person?
A: Surprisingly.

Q: Now that the surveys done what are you going to do?
A: Watch some BSG or play Hitman 2.


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