Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Upcoming Farscapes: SPOILERS!

Much as I dislike the things, I'm gonna use the following due to the spoilery nature...

Farscape: "Relativity"
The Peacekeeper Retrieval Squad finally reveals its true mission when it confronts Crichton and his crew.

Sci-Fi Farscape: "Incubator"
Scorpius risks it all when appealing to Crichton for an alliance by revealing his shrouded past.

Farscape: "Meltdown"
Crichton's ship suddenly begins flying toward the sun and he, along with crewmates Aeryn and Crais, battles to override its compulsion.

Farscape: "Scratch N' Sniff"
Crichton and his crew take a cruise on a "pleasure planet," but it turns out to be more of a pain than they bargained for.

Farscape: "Infinite Possibilities -- Daedalus Demands"
A dangerous species unlocks the long-held secrets to wormhole technology, unleashing the fury of the Ancients.

Wait for the wheel...
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