Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Valen Be Praised

Jason has had nothing but trouble with his airline tickets for DragonCon.

First time, there were some schedule changes, and when I went to fix them, I blew up their website, and couldn't get back to the itnerary page of my reservations. Called up, and got it quickly fixed, and even got better times than I had before. Woohoo.

But there was a downside. I *just* noticed that instead of the return trip being for MONDAY, it got set for Sunday. Oops. I have no recollection of Sunday even being mentioned, and it was probably just an honest screwup from the girl helping me out when I blew up the website. Shit happens. Or, hey, it could've been my fuck up. THAT happens too. ;)

So, Jason in moderate panic mode that I won't be able to get it fixed, so finally called Continental Airlines this morning, and it was fixed right up in about five minutes, and most of that was me navigating their automated phone system, or on hold, with the remaining time explaining the problem. For such a quick fix *both* times, and helping me out both times, I gotta give a huge thanks to Continental, and definitely a big thumbs up for fixing it up right away. It could be common practice amongst airlines, but since they made my first real problems as painless as possible, they definitely get a shout out and move up in my mind's eye for this.


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