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Thursday Night

Went out with Pete and his wife, to Denny's, where we encountered a group of drunk people, ate, and chatted.

There may soon be little Petelings running around. This is a great nightmare to me, since, well, ANY of my clan spawning is scary, because those will be fucked up kids.

They tried to set me up with a girl. "You should meet Abby." "I've met Abby. Few years ago. Nice kid." She's...19 or 20 right now, if I'm remembering correctly. I see this light go on in Pete's eyes. "They would be good for each other." The light goes out of my eyes, they go cold, and stare. "I shall now remind you of the girl in Texas I'm stalking..."

That was the end of that.

Luckilly, because Abby, whilst being nice, smart, funny, and IIRC, a redhead, she's a tad young, and Mormon.

Now, I'm all for Mormons, a lot of 'em are real nice people. But from what I've seen, they seem to like to convert their significant others to their religion, and that SO goes against everything I...well, everything I believe in. It's not so much being stubborn, but being against conversion.

That, and caffeine is a Mormon no no.

Me. No caffeine. Apocalypse nigh =)


That was pretty much the brunt of discussion. That, and describing Beth to them, which is something I've always sucked at. "She's uh...into like...comics, an' stuff." I *know* the details, just stink at disseminating them to others. Got 'em off my back though with enough snippets I could dredge up.

Still wanna meet Abby when she gets back in a few weeks, she was a good friend.


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