Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Comics Next Week

52 Week #46
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #539
Birds Of Prey #104
Brave And The Bold Vol 3 #2
Cable Deadpool #38
Civil War Battle Damage Report
Darkman vs Army Of Darkness #4 Regular George Perez Cover
Exiles Vol 3 #92
Justice Society Of America Vol 3 #4 Regular Alex Ross Cover
Ms Marvel Vol 2 #13
Shadowpact #11
Transformers Prime Directive Movie Prequel #2 Regular Autobot Cover
Transformers Spotlight Soundwave Regular Nick Roche Cover
Ultimate Power #4
Wisdom #4
Witchblade Shades Of Gray #1 Regular Billy Tan Cover
Wonder Man Vol 2 #4
X-23 Target X #4
X-Factor Vol 3 #17
X-Men Vol 2 #197


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