Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Submit to my Demands!

jim_smith, who just celebrated his birthday on Saturday (As well as his brother mike_smith) had a great idea to have a little party/hangout in the old haunt, #SubCafe, and we had a pretty fair turnout.

I've been wanting to get some of the old fanfic/Subreality gang back together a bit more regularly, since I can see so many of you still out there.

So, unless there's no objections to it, I'd like to make Saturday nights a regular gathering night in #SubCafe, for us to catch up, goof off, and get back to driving each other crazy on a regular basis. ;)

I'd say a good starting time would be eight eastern, but whenever folks feel like poking their heads in, a few of us will be there, surely.

Sound good to everyone?


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