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So, I'd recently come across a name I recognised, went to IMDB, had that usual "Ah HA!" moment when you remember who that person is, but I got a little extra. I was reminded that he was also in a series of corny - but I have a HUGE soft spot for them anyways - movies from way back when. And I'm pretty sure I'm one of a handful of people that actually remember these things exist. So it got me wondering, and curious, and thus...

Poll #921013 Memory Lane

Do you remember Josh Kirby: Time Warrior?

Yes, but I won't admit to it.

It was a series of six made-for-Cable movies, involving time travel, cheap sets, a sense of humour, and aimed at the teenager set, and I'm sure they don't hold up well at all, but I remember them so very fondly. John came across them first, and showed the few he had recorded to me, since they had a kick-ass redhead. He knew my tastes so well. ;) We agreed that while they were quite goofy, considering the low budget, and the effects available in the day, they actually managed to be quite acceptable.

This definitely ranks up there amongst my 'guilty pleasure' fandoms, and I can't believe I'm even admitting to it now. ;)


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