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Caitlin Grey

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Genderation XY

Dear Hollywood in general, and the makers of Ugly Betty in particular,

Please stop casting beautiful women such as Rebecca Romijn to play guys who have changed themselves into women.

Having women that are so attractive cast in such roles sets up unrealistic expectations for young men who want to be women. No matter the amount of money, drugs, or surgery, they cannot possibly ever look like Ms. Romijn, unless someone comes along with a magic wand.

We have to think of our young boys, who will want to try and emulate such impossible standards of beauty, and only have years of therapy and health issues to look forward to!

Sincerely yours,

Why? Because it amuses me. And with the constant confusion over my gender, who better than to get upset at Hollywood? ;) I've seen the same sort of arguments for years about models, and Barbie, and comic heroines causing damage to young girls and being unhealthy role models of beauty...why not turn the tables, and have fun with it? Of course, with my luck, someone will take my joke seriously, and I'll become some sort of hero(ine) myself...

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