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Sunday Report

After a long Saturday, with very little sleep (I think John had me beat at one point), I crashed around 2, since I just couldn't go any more. Well, maybe I could've but I was having revelations again, and that's a sign I've been up to long =)

So, I get up around 10am, and veg a bit, and sit back to watch some movies with parents. Hudson Hawk, and Fight Club. How's THAT for a pair of flicks? Oddly, my mother liked Fight Club, and understood where it was coming from. Cool.

I didn't even get online until 3pm. I suspect some folks were getting worried. "He hasn't been on in 13 hours! He must be dead!"

And even with being gone all day Saturday, and hardly being on Sunday, I *still* topped the #Subcafe Stats, with quite a lead on the second placer.

My Sunday wasn't quite as exciting as Saturday, or as eventful, but still had stuff happening.

Those comic reviews are coming...

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