Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey


So, the new Avengers team post CW so far...

Luke Cage leading the team, because he's a favourite of Bendis, and it puts his creation, Jessica Jones front and center again.
Iron Fist
Spider-Woman, another Bendis fave.
Wolverine. Of course.
Dr. Strange...What the hell?
Ronin, Bendis' pet project that he's putting EVERYwhere, and rehashing the "Who is ti??" mystery.
Echo...who all of three people might care about.

One more person left to reveal.

For fuck's sake, that's not the Avengers.

Heck, that's not even the *Defenders*. You know what this team looks like? The Secret Defenders. That's how haphazard and random and lame these character selections are. Avengers is becoming, even moreso than before, the Bendis Fanboy Book, where he just shoves in his favourite things, point of the book be damned.

The last member to reveal has to be one HECK of a reveal for me to even consider keeping the book at this point.

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