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Why Ask Why?

Another survey. Enjoy. Or somethin'.


I see... A monitor, a stack of comics, various other computer bits, a shitload of action figures, a bookshelf with only my books on it, and not very well.
I need... To be needed.
I find... What I search for.
I want... To be remembered.
I have... Hope.
I wish... To sell at least one copy, of one story, to one person. At least.
I love... My friends.
I hate... Stupidity and ignorance.
I fear... Broncos.
I feel... I am where I need to be.
I hear... Everything.
I smell... Not much right now *achoo*
I search... For the truth.
I wonder... What the point is.
I regret... Only one thing.

When was the last time you...
Smiled? Earlier today.
Laughed? About an hour ago.
Cried? Mid-October, when everything came crashing down around me. Thanks, Paul and Judy!
Bought something? Earlier today. DVDs. See previous post.
Danced? Not long enough ago.
Were sarcastic? I think that last response counted.
Kissed someone? Not in this lifetime.
Talked to an ex? Right now.
Watched your favorite movie? Few weeks ago, the Crow.
Had a nightmare? I don't clearly remember the dream, or when, but it was recently.

A last time for everything...
Last book you read: Babylon 5 - The Passing of the Techno-Mages Book 1: Casting Shadows, by Jeanne Cavelos.
Last movie you saw in the movie theater: Pearl Harbor. But I'd rather not admit it.
Last song you heard: Scorpions, Winds of Change.
Last thing you had to drink: A Phoenix Special. Hazelnut coffee, six sugars, two creams. There's a reason it picked up my nickname.
Last time you showered: Yesterday.
Last thing you ate: Cold pepperoni pizza.

Did/do you...
Smoke? Hahahaha. No.
Do drugs? See previous.
Have sex? Love to, but not yet.
Sleep with stuffed animals? Does my cat Lyta count?
Live in the moment? We're only alive in the moment, so yeah. My plans for the future rarely extend past the next day.
Oversleep? Next to never.
Have a dream that keeps coming back? Yes. A bad one.
Play an instrument? Nope.
Believe there is life on other planets? Yes. The odds of us being the only life in this universe are quite slim. The question is, have we been visited? And that is where I have doubts.
Remember your first love? Yes. Cami.
Still love him/her? After a fashion, but there have been others, and they actually returned the feeling.
Read the newspaper? Every day. Front page, and funnies.
Have any gay or lesbian friends? I actually don't know.
Believe in miracles? Considering I should be dead several times over, yeah.
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? Yeah, I'm hoping for it.
Consider yourself tolerant of others? Sometimes to much so.
Consider love a mistake? Not with the right people. And no one I've been with yet has been a mistake.
Like the taste of alcohol? Gods no.
Have a favorite candy? Skittles.
Believe in astrology? Yes, but not the crap they put in the papers for horoscopes. Real astrology. Yes, there IS a difference.
Believe in magic? Yes.
Believe in God? Which God?
Pray? Not in such a strict way as would be considering praying.
Go to church? My church is everywhere.
Have any secrets? Yes, many. I'm open, but no one has asked the right questions to discover them yet.
Have any pets? Many.
Do well in school? Yeah, when I'm there.
Go to or plan to go to college? Off and on. (Ok, it sounds like I skip classes. No, I just go part time, on a VERY sporadic schedule.)
Have a major? English. I need to learn how to say "Would you like fries with that?"
Talk to strangers who instant message you? Only to tell them off. Sometimes I play with them.
Wear hats? Yes, occasionally.
Have any piercing? No.
Have any tattoos? No. (No tatts, no piercings, no smoking, no drugs, no drinking... Yes, I am this boring.)
Hate yourself? Nope.
Have an obsession? Um... No? Okok... Redheads.
Collect anything? Comics, Jean Grey figures (Not really collecting, since I don't care for their condition. Comics should be read, and toys should be play with. I'm an aquirer.), DVDs, a few tv shows...
Have a best friend? Yes. Frank. Need to e-mail him...
Wish on stars? I wish on Alyson Hannig......OH!
Like your handwriting? It suffices.
Have any bad habits? Redheads?
Care about looks? Not really.
Believe in witches? I sure hope so. I'm pretty sure I exist.
Believe in Satan? Not as such, no.
Believe in ghosts? Yes, but not most reports of ghost activity.
Believe in Santa? That there once was a Saint Nick, yes, but not the current version.
Believe in the Easter Bunny? Nope.
Believe in the Tooth Fairy? Mom?
Have a second family? Several.
Trust others easily? Who asked you to say that??
Like noise?. No. I prefer sound.
Take walks in the rain? All the time.
Kiss with your eyes closed? I'll get back to you on that.
Sing in the shower? If there is music playing.
Own handcuffs? I used to own toy plastic crap ones.
Did you like this survey? It was actually far more interesting than most I've seen.



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