Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey


So, one of the annoyances from a few weeks ago was when I turned on the tv to get some shows off the west coast, for my dad. And Bones.

Turns out, there's been some lawsuits going around to stop people from getting distant broadcast networks, and the hammer finally came down. They're fighting to get them back, but only for folks who are unable to receive their local channels via any other means, which I can do through the satellite. So, barring a miracle, west coast feeds are gone for me. I liked them for many reasons, one of which being sports. They have a tendency to preempt or delay actual programming, but they never affected the west coast, so it made it infinitely easier to aquire shows. Most notably, Futurama back in the day. That was often dicked around for football, and the west coast still got their new episodes. Also, what with snow and rain, sometimes, rarely, the dish would go out, and I'd at least have a second chance.

So, I contacted Dish and got their new dual tuner DVR, which has the nifty, and long-forgotten, ability of recording two shows at once. Finally arrived today, got installed (Not without incident), and I now have new toy. I'm amusing myself with the slightly different things I can do now. I love being able to leave one signal on a channel, watch something else, then come back to the other channel and watch that from a few hours earlier to the present.

I love technology.

Now to do a very unmale thing, and read the instruction manual.


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