Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Oh Geeze!

I can't believe I forgot to share this story.

So, yesterday, played Santa Thug (What else do you call a guy in a black trenchcoat, Santa hat, and carrying presents?) and delivered stuff to family and friends in Massachusetts.

One of these meetings was at a small, out of the way restaraunt where we met my mother's oldest friend, and her daughter, whom we see frequently. What with being old friends and such.

My mother and I go inside to get a table, while my dad waits outside 'til the others arrive, since we arrived early.

One of the waitresses looks over at us, "I'll be right with you ladies..." She pauses, looks at me again, turns BRIGHT red, "I'm sorry, lady and gentleman..."

I haven't had a good story of indeterminate gender in awhile. I thought WITH THE BEARD! they could tell the difference.

Guy sitting at the counter looks behind him, at us, and we have a good laugh over it, "I guess that gives you an idea of the clientel they get here, huh?"


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