Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Comic Rumours

Reprinted from All the Rage, without permission, because I find them interesting.

"I understand Marvel have also shown interest in developing series for the TV shows Andromeda and Charmed, though the latter may be strained, as creator Constance M Burge, a big comic fan sees similarities in Witches." Witches is an upcoming Marvel series with Satana, Topaz, and Jennifer Kale.

"I hear Defenders still hasn't been renewed past #12, and this may be the last issue. The main creator, Larsen isn't the draw he used to be and the issue he had least to do with had a small critical spike." Yay!

"I hear that when asked once what Dave Sim will do when Cerebus ends, Matt Wagner mimed a handgun to the head..." *snicker*

"As first justified in this very column ages back, the identity of Brotherhood writer, X, being Howard Mackie is gaining credence. One punter noted that despite at attempted change in writing style, the abundance of parentheses or brackets common in Howard's work is present in the script and another source on the Warren Ellis Forum has the identity confirmed by a Marvel editorial stance. I myself took the Howard Mackie position when a source close to Marvel editorial heard the writer being referred to as Howard, and with Chaykin out of the picture.

"Of course, there is the nagging feeling that it could still be Bill Jemas..."


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