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Balance of Power: Chapter Four, Part Three.

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        Inside the final box, was the most important, and most difficult request Brendan had made.  Only overshadowed by the bed, which he had to admit would be nice to sleep on tonight.  Inside the box was a collection of clothes.  New clothes, female clothes, that would fit him, hopefully.
        Brendan was still too self concious to go out and buy clothes in his new body.  Not only would he have to go out in public, in very ill fitting clothes, and in some cases pushes decency laws, but he knew nothing of styles, his sizes, or anything at all about his new body, and all of that was just stuff he did not wish to deal with yet.
        While in his room at the lab, when he had made his requests, one of the nurses, and some of the female lab techs had offered to help him in that department, until he felt confident to get some things himself, to fill out his closet.  Brendan had been more than eager to take them up on their offer, since it would save him just such problems.  They eyeballed the new member of their sex, had discussed things that went right over Brendan's head, such as colours, and styles, and cuts, conferring and coming to a concensus on his sizes, and went off to do their work, promising they would have a few things all set for him by the time he got settled into his new place.
        And so they did.  Brendan stared down into the square container sitting before him.  The girls, Heather and Simone, had done a good job of picking out some clothes for him, in Brendan's estimation.  While he knew nothing of fashion, he did know the basics of clothes, and they certainly seemed to have not gone overboard.
        Most of what the box contained was various undergarments, nothing terribly flashy or anything.  All of them were more servicable garments, that would serve their function and little else.  Brendan had feared that the two of them, whom had almost made Brendan into their own little project, had feared that they would find the sexiest, frilliest clothes on the rack, to emphasize his new body when he went out, and draw attention more than he already would.
        Discovering such normal, utilitarian garb was quite a relief.  He had managed to push the dreaded thought from his mind, and when his worst fears were dispelled, it took a great weight off his shoulders.
        Beneath the undergarments, which he immediately gathered up and carried over to his new dresser, and placed inside a single small drawer in the top row, were a number of pants.  Several pairs of jeans, and a few slacks, again nothing overly flashy, and all very familiar to him, even if he could instantly tell the cut was radically different on them than he was used to.  However, he couldn't deny that they all appeared to be of a better fit than any of his old clothes would be now.
        He took each pair of pants out of the box and placed them on his bare bed beside himself for now, and continued his exploration of his new clothes.
        Underneath those, were two skirts.  Brendan was quite reluctant to ever wear them, both black and approximately knee length it appeared.  However, he assumed the girls thought they may come in handy - or that every girl needs a few skirts in her closet - and Brendan was hard pressed to deny that he may actually want them at some point.
        The next layer beneath the pants were new shirts.  He saw a few t-shirts in the mix, even a few with some designs he liked, and one that even mirrored a shirt he had owned in his previous life, with a picture of Spider-Man on it.  The pose on the shirt was of a different design than the one he had, but it was close, and a most acceptable replacement.  The girls' choices had been most acceptable to Brendan so far.
        Besides the new t-shirts, were some button down shirts, or blouses as Brendan supposed was the kind he would now be stuck wearing.  They were mostly white, but there were others.  The women had delved into more variety with these, for whatever reason.
        While most of the blouses were of white cotton, he found one that was pink - surely a joke at his expense, Brendan suspected - a dark blue, and a green that almost matched the walls of his new bedroom.  Aside from those, they had also supplied him with a few blouses of silk, and some of satin.  Brendan was well aware of silk shirts for men, but had never bothered to wear them.  He remained skeptical of wearing them now, but on his new form, he suspected it would be expected of him eventually, by someone.
        Brendan was reluctant to delve fully into girlhood, but seeing as how he now had the body of one, most of the damage was already done.  What would be the harm in trying out something new, he figured.
        He was fascinated by the way the light caught against the shiny materials he now had as part of his wardrobe.  He also noticed that they all buttoned along the opposite side from which he was used to, old traditions sticking with the fashion long after the need for such things had passed on.  It also showed him that these weren't some men's shirts that just happened to look pretty, and were indeed for his freshly aquired gender.
        There was a black, silk one which he actually found quite appealing, as it was one of his favourite colours, as well as a dark maroon, and blue.  In addition to the silk, there were a few satin blouses of similar colours, but instead of a matching black, there was a satin gold blouse that also caught Brendan's eye for some reason.  It stood out from the rest of the more normal colours amongst his new shirts.
        Brendan took his t-shirts and pants and added them to his dresser, in a seperate drawer of their own, and pondered what to do with all his other shirts.  The soft material of most of his blouses wouldn't handle being folded for very long, and nor would even the cotton shirts, but that would be easier to hide.  He had not thought to tell anyone to bring him some hangers.  Glancing at the closet doors to his left, Brendan sighed, and stacked the blouses on top of his dresser for the time being.
        Beneath those, there was still yet more clothes within the large box.  Even with one so big, Brendan was surprised at how much the girls had packed into it.  Surprised, and most grateful as well.
        With the winter months now bearing down upon them, the girls had seen fit to supply Brendan with a few sweaters to keep his new self warm, having seen him wear a number of them around the labs last year, and for the past few weeks, when the weather dipped down low enough.
        Brendan was quite happy to see how thorough the women had been, and would even forgive them that one of the sweaters was a light pink.  Fortunately, most were fairly typical sweaters, but looked to be larger than he was used to, which he hoped would accomodate his greater width of chest.
        The non-pink sweaters were of normal colours, more black, a light green, a grey.  He took them all and added them to another drawer, having to move down to the second row nearer the floor from the rest of the clothes.
        Before closing the drawer, Brendan took the pink sweater back out and held it up.  The material was softer than any such garment he had ever owned before.  He pondered for a moment, and his curiosity, coupled with a pressing need to get into clothes that actually fit him, got the better of him.
        He moved back to the other drawers and grabbed a pair of black jeans, and a pair of cotton underwear, and stripped out of his ill-fitting attire.  Brendan briefly was self concious enough to check the windows, before remembering this entire neighbourhood was all but abandoned.  Even so, curtains were now a must on Brendan's list of things to aquire.
        Stepping into the underwear, he was much relieved to be wearing something that was a much snugger fit than the old pairs he had been wearing, which felt like he was swimming in them.  The jeans were a perfect fit, surprising Brendan with how good of a fit the women had gotten for him.  They were just the right length, and fit in all the right places, in all the right ways.  He could already tell that it was snug in a few points, but not uncomfortably so, however he saw that it did help accentuate his curves in ways that would take getting used to.
        Picking up the pink sweater, Brendan considered changing his mind and going with one of the other ones, but he figured if he was stuck being a girl, he may as well experiment, and better to start sooner rather than later, and in small steps.
        "Besides," he said to the empty room, listening to the echo of his soft voice in the mostly empty home.  "If I don't like it, I have plenty of other options."
        Feeling as if he were entering the lion's den, he opened up the bottom of the sweater and pulled the soft material down over his head, and the mass of blonde hair.  He searched for the sleeves, and his arms easily slid through them and hands poked out at the other end.
        He grabbed the bottom of the sweater and tugged it down over his bare belly and the top of his jeans so his head popped out from the large collar.  The girls had gotten him one of those sweaters that had the oversized collars that wrapped more around the shoulders than the neck, making for one sizable hole in the top.  Brendan adjusted the collar, folding it down over the sweater, leaving his shoulders bare.  Finishing up adjusting the sweater, Brendan fished out his long hair from inside it, one of the things he was most annoyed at having to do now, in his new body.
        After tossing back his hair, an inescapably feminine move, no matter how different he tried to make it, Brendan went back to the small bathroom and looked in the mirror.
        The reflection showed exactly what one would expect; a beautiful young woman, with long, shiny blonde hair cascading down her back over her bare shoulders, wearing a soft, fuzzy, pink sweater.  Nothing in that reflection betrayed any hint of the girl within it had ever been male.  Not a few days ago, not ever.  She looked just like any other woman, if one of the better specimens of the gender.
        Brendan stared at his new self for a long time, staring at the stranger he had become, searching for a hint of his old self, and finding none.  All that looked back was a curious, beautiful blonde.
        Seeing that his old self was lost, replaced by that woman, looking as if she had always been there, really brought everything home for Brendan, and he couldn't take any more.  Staring at that beautiful young face caused tears to well up in his blue eyes.  When he saw such a pretty girl crying, the male in him, that miniscule part that still remained intact, wanted everything in the world to go and console the poor thing.  All that did was make him cry even harder, as it sank in that he was that poor thing, and it would be other guys seeking to console her.
        Brendan backed away from the mirror, wiping at his cheeks, until he backed against the bed, and stumbled backwards on top of the mattress with a bounce.  He squeaked, but his crying didn't stop, as his balance still being off only served to make him think about his situation all the more.
        He curled up into a ball on the bed, hugging himself and crying as the severity of what he had lost was finally sinking in after the last few days.  Being alone for the first time didn't help any.
        Sobbing into the mattress, Brendan cried until he had no tears left to shed, and remained curled up on his bed, feel soft, small, and vulnerable, until he eventually fell asleep, emotionally drained.

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