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Balance of Power: Chapter Three, Part Six

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In which I spend far too many words describing a single object.

        Without any idea of how to proceed, but knowing what he wanted to do, he tried to picture what he wanted in his mind.  Focusing on a point in between his hands as he brought them up between his face and Alphonse, Brendan felt nothing more than a headache.  Nothing happened, nothing appeared.
        Brendan continued to concentrate though, furrowing his brow, and scrunching up his new, thinner eyebrows, arching smoothly over his eyes, when he wasn't concentrating, and matching the rest of the hair atop his head.
        Small beads of sweat appeared on Brendan's forehead, as he continued to force his mind to create something, anything in the air.  The tip of his tongue poked out between his lips at the corner while he frowned, deep in thought.
        Doctor McKenzie could see the effort Brendan was going through, and reached out to take his arm.  Brendan paused in his attempt, and swatted his friend's hand away with a firm smack to the back of his hand.
        Alphonse looked offended more than hurt as he rubbed the back of his hand, stinging from the sharp rebuke.  "I can do this.  I just need to figure out how I can do this.  I'm fine."  With that, Brendan resumed focusing on something only he could see within his mind, and simultaneously floating in the air somewhere in front of his nose.
        "However, if you've got some advice on the matter," Brendan asked, without taking his eyes off that invisble floating point.
        Having no suggestions he could possibly give on the matter, since this was literaly the first of a new kind of person, with abilities never forseen out of Hollywood, all Alphonse could do was shrug and shake his head.
        Brendan sighed, otherwise continuing his focus.
        Eventually, he lowered his hands and resigned himself to failure.  "Why couldn't I have come with an instruction manual?  Even besides the powers, I've got stuff to learn, if I'm going to continue some sort of existance out there in the world."
        He paced around the room for a few minutes, in part to try and think of something, and to continue getting used to the strange ways in which his body now moved.
        "Maybe you're trying too hard?  It seemed pretty sudden and effortless when you removed me from the room earlier," offered Alphonse.  "Just try and feel it flow out of you, rather than trying to shove it out, forcing it."
        Brendan gave a little resigned shrug, having no better ideas to try at the moment.  He brought his hands up again, holding them straight up, parallel to each other, and formed the image once again in his mind, and tried to visualise it forming in the air in front of him.
        Watching him, Alphonse saw nothing happen for a few moments, but in the next second, it seemed as if someone had shone a tiny light upon Brendan's hands.  They glowed with a soft light, not quite silver, only a pale white, and barely visible at that.  His eyes shot from Brendan's hands to the young woman's eyes, just in time to see the shimmering sapphires fade away, and be covered in a silver sheathe, reflecting the light from the flourescents in the ceiling overhead.
        They had changed from twin pools of flowing water, to twin pools of molten metal within his skull.  Between glints from the lights, Alphonse could see the room around him reflected within those argent eyes, and he was almost too fascinated by them to notice the glow intensifying around Brendan's hands.
        Brendan saw no change in his vision.  He had no idea his eyes now resembled curved mirrors.  The strange sheen now visible to everyone else that saw him using his powers had zero effect on his own sight.
        The glowing light eminating from the soft hands never grew to the level of brightness and opaqueness that it had when Alphonse was watching from outside the room.  The hands remained clear and dinstinct within the light, as if Brendan had palmed a small, working light within each palm, and they had been turned on.
        Suddenly, within the space between the two hands, there floated a silver ball, about the size of a football, but round.  It glowed silver, more than resembled silver itself.  Brendan could see Alphonse's face through the orb, and he could see hers.  The orb was translucent, and made everything appear to be dimmer, and more grey than it was in reality.  Everything viewed through the orb was like looking through smoked glass.
        The orb didn't hang in the air by itself.  The glow around Brendan's hands extended from each palm, and formed a slender tether, telescoping outwards from a tiny point, to a wider distance around the orb.  These linking silvery bands were of a lighter silver, only enough to be visible, and connected to the hands and sphere.
        Watching the flowing ball, Brendan smiled, pleased that he could actually do it, that he had aquired powers.  He had always wanted to feel special, and the work he was doing with Doctor McKenzie filled that need, but that was nothing compared to what he could do now.
        Brendan wanted to jump up and down, cheer, clap, but he was afraid to even move, not wanting to disturb the ball.  He didn't even know if just breaking a smile would cause the sphere to disappear as if it had never been.
        One of Alphonse's hands slowly reached out, extending a lone finger, as the rest balled into a fist.  The index finger inched forward, and he watched for any sign from Brendan.  The young woman's head nodded ever so slightly, still trying to not disturb the ball.
        Alphonse continued forward, and touched the orb, not sure what to expect.  Would it shock him?  Would it pop like a bubble, and burst into a silvery film of nothingness?
        None of those things happened, nor did they hear a metallic clink when the ball was touched, like they each seperately suspected it might, forgetting that these abilities seemed to be based on light, and not metal.
        The orb felt solid underneath Alphonse's finger.  He had never felt anything quite like it.  It had no give, like a baseball, or basketball might, nor did it feel cool like a metal or glass ball, even though the glow made him think it would feel warm.  In fact, he detected no change in temperature at all from the sphere as he touched it.  The ball felt like the air it had been created from, or encased within its walls.  If not for the resistance of something against his finger, the doctor would never have believed that there was anything there at all, instead suspecting it was some sort of visual illusion.  The only substance that could possibly match a description at all was glass, despite the differences between the two.
        The scientist within him wanted to take a sample and examine it under a microscope, but he suspected there would not be any pits or bumps like in anything else seemingly smooth when looked at under such close scrutiny.  The nature of this creation would likely have rendered this orb as the most perfectly smooth surface ever made, even down beyond the molecular level.  Alphonse could not even fathom what could make up such a structure, when he thought of molecules.  Did this sphere have any, or was it something new entirely?  The questions racing through his mind were countless.
        Feeling the solidness of the strange object with a lone finger, he spread his whole hand against it, palming it like a smaller than usual basketball, and feeling its strange texture beneath his whole hand.  Now that he had a larger surface area covering part of the globe, Alphonse could start to feel just how smooth it was, definitely very analogous to a glass ball, or a giant Christmas ornament within his hand.  Also, he could feel that it was indeed warmer now.  Was it drawing heat from his hand, or was the energy being used to maintain the shape heating it up?  Either possibility posed their own interesting answers.
        Experimenting, Alphonse pushed against the ball, and felt it move with some effort back towards Brendan, who pulled his face away before the ball pushed against his button nose.
        Before he could push it any further, he began to feel resistance from the orb, and it pushed back, recentering itself between Brendan's hands, and Alphonse found it almost a struggle to keep it there, and not come flying towards him this time.
        The sphere moved back towards Brendan, and Alphonse removed his hand from it, and it moved right back to where it had first appeared, still connected via the tethers to Brendan's hands.
        "What's it like," he asked the young man.
        Brendan smiled, silvered eyes still focused on his creation.  "I can feel it, hanging there.  I could barely feel you touching it, but I could.  And even moreso when you pushed against it.  It's almost like its a part of me, and all I had to do was want to push back, and I did.  It takes some effort, exerting enough force to do it, but over time, I'm sure I can do better."  His smile widened, pleased with himself, and fascinated by what he could do now.
        Fascinated himself, Alphonse cupped the bottom of the orb in one hand.  He could feel almost no weight within his hand, but he was unsure if that was because these constructs had no weight of their own, or if it was beign supported by the hands of his protege.  "Now, Brendan, I want you to release just one hand, and see what it does."
        Brendan did as he was asked, and took his hand away from the orb.  The band that connected it and the hand did not snap, it didn't retract, it just disappeared at the same time the glow around Brendan's right hand did the same thing, a split second before that hand returned to its owner's side.
        There was no noticeable shift in the weight sitting in his hand, so Alphonse took it away from the orb, and watched it hang there, the tether just as solid and strong as the stem of a wine glass.  They were no strings of light, connecting the creator and creations, but solid parts of the overall object.
        He reached a single finger out again, and touched the lone tether as he did the ball it was connected to.  Unlike the orb, this strand felt softer, but just as smooth.  It felt less real, less solid than the object it anchored, but still it remained solid and straight, acting more as a facilitator for the object's creation, and less of a real thing unto itself.
        Alphonse returned his hand to the underside of the orb, and nodded in the direction of Brendan's remaining hand.  The changed man nodded back, and took that hand away from the construct as well.  Upon doing so, Alphonse could indeed feel some weight to the sphere, but it was the barest requirement of weight, even less than trying to hold a ballon in your hand.
        "Can you still feel it," he asked.
        "Yes, but it's dim, distant.  More of a sensation along the back of my neck, than any real sense of feeling it.  It may even be some sort of phantom sensation left over from the creation."
        Alphonse nodded, and brought the orb closer to him, and took it in both hands, holding it as if he was about to present it as a gift to someone of high social standing.  As he did so, and looking right at it, observing his own hands through the smokey haze, the orb was suddenly not there.  No faded, no shattering, it just ceased to exist, as if a switch had been flipped on the silver orb of solid light.

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