Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

For Fuck's Sake.


"Oh my god!  You're still up!"

"You have to get some sleep!  NOW!"

"You're still up?!!  YOU HAVE GOT TO BE TIRED!"

"What are you still doing awake?!  It's getting LATER EVERY DAY!" It's not, by the way.  I've been around noonish for the last week or two.  I'd adjust backwards, but we have travelling to do next Thursday. =P

Sweet zombie Jesus H. Fucking Christ on a pogo stick.

My personal favourite: "What are you going to do??  Stay up all day and all night?!"

To which, I finally snapped.

"MAYBE I WILL.  So what if I want to?!"  Christ, I'm 30 in a few months.  What does she give a flying wart if I stay up or not??  Besides, y'know, momliness.

My snapback got me the response of "No need to yell!"  Well since you harp on this every day and yell at me, I'm starting to think there is. =P

AKA, Ranty McRantypants.

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