Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Seven Soldwhat?

*finishes reading Seven Soldiers #1 and just kinda stares for a moment*

Ok, I actually kinda like Grant Morrison.

New X-Men was the nadir of the book, but other than that.

Grant has some wild, mad, fun ideas, and I love reading a lot of his stuff. I still want to read Invisibles some day.

*holds up SS#1* But this? Like so much of Grant's work, it ends in an explosion of utter incoherency and heaping bucketloads of "What the FUCK?!" This book makes so little sense, it ain't funny. I waited since April for this?

Shame, really, since I enjoyed most of the miniseries, Mister Miracle aside.

Who were the Seven Unknown Men? What were the Sheeda trying to do, besides generic conquering 'alien' force? How were they defeated? WERE they defeated? What's up with characters saying evil wone? What did some of these characters actually contribute to the 'Seven Soldiers'? Was ther ANY point to Mister Miracle? What was up with the framing sequence? Bizarre dialogue for bizarreness sake? And whothe crap is Cyrus? Who is the "Eighth of Seven"? Insert Voyager joke here. This book did nothing to tie up any of the story, or promise every other book did. Yet another trainwreck of a conclusion from Grant Morrison.


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