Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Spoilerspace: Saw III

Starting from the beginning, the most important question, did I like it?

Oh heck yeah.

But it definitely wasn't as good as the first two films.

The problem with 'twist' movies, is that eventually, the twists become harder to do. Everyone expects them, and are looking for them, even before they're sitting in the theatre. Some of the twists were very easy to figure out, but still work very well in the Saw tradition of making you rethink the movie you just saw, encouraging you to go back and see what the movie was really all about.

My only other major complaint is that the distinctive Saw colour palletes weren't quite as prevalent in this film. Saw has a certain look to it, and Saw II had some very unique coloured scenes, and this third installment seemed pretty standard, as far as that went.

The traps were all pretty creative, and in that industrial metal style that Jigsaw has shown in the past, and were a treat to see. Although Angus McFadyen's story seemed oddly set up, and didn't seem as constrained or vicious as the traps usually can be. Of course, there's a reason for that, I now realise.

I loved picking up literally seconds *before* Saw II ended, and seeing some more of the fate of Detective Matthews.

I loved the flashbacks to scenes behind the scenes of the earlier films, and tying up a plot point from the very first film that some folks complained about.

And while the twists were lacking, there was still the usual "Oh shit!" moment at the end, as all Saw films must have, and I must say, I do hope there is a Saw IV. But no more after that, for very good reason. Sadly, Dina Meyer probably won't be back in any sort for that one. =(

Saw I had a great twist ending, especially since I wasn't expecting a huge twist, just a fun, gory movie, about motivating people through harsh means. Saw II had a hard climb to beat that, and there was no real way it could, but it had several good, smaller twists that build to a lovely crescendo before the end, but Saw III tried the same, and just didn't quite pull it off as well, and the endings are really what the Saw films are all about. It's not a failure, by any means, but is easily the weakest of the three.

I'd give this a three, or three and a half brocolli heads. Definitely worth seeing if you're a fan of the other movies, just don't get your hopes up, or try and uncover the secrets before they're given to you.


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