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Hero Worshipping

So, the creator and show running of Heroes was on Attack of the Show the other night, and I missed catching it, but it seems I'm fortunate to have missed it, since it looks like that they attacked them a bit. I'll reserve judgement on that to when/if I ever actually see it, but I was looking around to see if they'd posted the clip to their site, and found a little editorial note one of the people who works for the show, a so called professional, posted on the question of Heroes vs. Lost (An apple/orange scenario if I ever saw one...)

And while they're entitled to their opinion, apparently we aren't.

Editorial note: I don't even want to dignify this question with a response. "Lost" is still, hands down, the best show on television. Heroes has not yet done anything to dethrone John Locke, et al and the only reason people like it is because they were told to like it. Remember back in the summer when it was billed as the most anticipated show of the fall season? Who was anticipating it? You? The others? The Internet? No, no and no.

It was NBC, that's who. NBC kept telling you that "people" loved it before anyone had really seen it. It's that bandwagon mentality that drives me nuts. NBC thinks that because they can create a buzz around a show, it must be good and the public is buying it. Come on! The acting on "Heroes" is the worst I've seen prime time television be able to get away with in a long time. And why are they able to get away with it? Because NBC told you that you were going to love "Heroes" before you even saw it. And that's why you like it.

Sheep. All of you. Sheep.

I really can't put a "Bah!" here and have it sound serious, can I? ;)


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