Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Spoiler Space: Heroes

1.04 - Collision

Another great episode.

This show has just *nailed* the big cliffhanger style of comicbooks, to get you to pick up that next issues.

Everyone's story moves forward, we see fun uses of powers, and the temptation they bring quite nicely, as well as the human side of everyone's lives, as the threads start to draw closer together, and our cast begins to interact more and more.

I still wish there was someone snarkier in the show, but the writing is definitely getting better. Of course, this episode was written by Bryan Fuller, he who brought us Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me. He's good at bringing together disparate threads.

Meanwhile, in #HeroesChat on my IRC server, we were pondering if that symbol that appeared in Niki's back had been seen before, and if so, where?

Well, it looks like it has appeared in a bunch of places.

And Future!Hiro turning up...almost fulfilling his Kitty Pryde coming back from the future to warn of danger reference, from the pilot. =)

I really want to make a "Save the cheerleader. Save the world" icon now...


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