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Exploit Alert

While Tuesday's latest MS patches (You *did* patch, didn't you?) fixed two new vulnerabilities, there are two NEW ones that are unpatched, and the link goes to a number of ways to protect yourself.

If you don't use IE, don't worry. Much. You may still want to protect yourself just in case, 'til MS can release MORE patches to fix these.

While I hate the proliferation of exploits, especially with these new ones cropping up with higher frequency, and getting out there before there is a patch...until recently, the vast majority of exploits took advantage of existing holes that had released patches to fix, but since so many people don't keep their Windows protected...

Anyways, while I hate these things, I always admire the creativeness that occasionally pops up. I'm terribly amused at releasing this exploit RIGHT after Patch Tuesday, to maximize the amount of time these things are running out in the wild and systems they can grab, potentially an entire month, until protection is available.


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