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Today, I Have a Reason

And it ain't that late for me, anywho.

In case it's needed in the future, for various reasons, not the least of which being if the script kiddies decide to piss all over DALnet again, I decided to recreate the IRC server I used to run off my machine.

So, I spent about two hours finding the install files, and after digging through the docs, I found some other stuff it said I needed, went and got that, and one of the programs took forEVER to install, making up the majority of those two hours.

Didn't work...

Did some more smacking around of Google, and found I had the wrong package for Windows to create/install. =PPPPP

Uninstalled the massive junk I didn't need, got the RIGHT file eventually...turned out the site was down, and just happened to be DNS servers today! Oi!

This one went much smoother, and the coding of the config file went smoothly enough, but staring at many lines of text that are an unfamiliar coding language can be wearying to some. ;) Only managed to have five very minor errors when it was all done, mostly things I should've left out, because they weren't needed for my particular configuration.

Anywho, when the time comes, the FOEnet IRC server lives!


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