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From the Ashes Reviews: Thunderbolts: Life Sentences

Hey! A TBolts comic actually starring the Thunderbolts! That's something that has amused me the last few months. "Thunderbolts, featuring the Thunderbolts!" Um, Fabian? Where? =)

I like what Fabes has been doing, but I've yet to see the point of it all. It seems like filler for a Captain America annual he didn't get published, or something.

I've been a fan of Charlie Adlard's art since the X-Files comic book, and it works just as well in a superhero comic, even though those elements rarely pop up during Life Setnences. Rather, we're treated to the 'Bolts in plainclothes, and daily lives, and how they're dealing with the repurcussions of events in issue 50.

A fun, introspective issue that advances each of the Thunderbolts' respective plotline, esepcially Abe's and Melissa's relationship. Now, yo just get these guys back into the monthly comic.


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