Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Spoiler Space: Heroes

Chapter Three: One Giant Leap

Not so much a review, as just random thoughts, since I thought the show was pretty good, and it's just getting better, really.

The plight of Hiro, rushing to stop another nuclear holocaust, is arguably the most interesting story, in plot terms, and just for being pure fun. Niki's backstory grows even more dark. And so does Claire, as it looks for a moment that she can be killed.

That however, is soon taken away from us, expectedly enough, in a great scene that ends this episode, as it pulls back and reveals her chest has been cut open for the inevitable autopsy.

I love how gruesome this show is. I didn't realise it before, although the finger slicing scene in the pilot was a bit of a hint of the tone, but last week, I wasn't bothered by carved open heads, and people pinned to walls. Not until I opened up an item today, pointing it out that yeah, the show has a bit of a dark edge. Perfectly fine for a 9pm show, and I love that we're taking things seriously, and showing consequences, pushing things a little further than they may be expected to go.

I mentioned in an earlier post about Civil War squashing that joy and wonder of having powers, in the Marvel Universe. With Heroes, they're embracing that, wholeheartedly, and especially next week's episode looks to really show folks exploring their powers, and just what they will do for them.

Can't wait!


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